Lost in Translation


Three places in Basel for Wednesday evening, October 26. 

Already arrived in Basel? Have you retreated to the hotel bar and are you waiting for ISMAR conference? Meet up with other ISMAR attendees and experience the differences between your and Swiss culture. 

We recommend three different places in Basel. All three places are in walking distance from the congress center. Some people may want to use "Foursquare",  a location-based social networking app. "check-in" at venues to look for your friends and other ISMAR attendees  (https://foursquare.com/). Below we give the foursquare address links also. 


"Bar Rouge"

Messeplatz 10
4058 Basel

Enjoy the panoramic view from the only high-rise building in Basel, see the city of Basel, the foothills of the Black Forest and the french "Alsace" from the 105 m tall Basel Trade Fair Tower ("Messeturm"). Also meet people from the Swiss Augmented Reality Meetup group (http://www.meetup.com/ARCH-Swiss-Augmented-Reality/) and Mobile Monday Switzerland (http://www.mobilemonday.ch/), who will join you at 19h00 after their co-located ISMAR event  in the "Bar Rouge".

Website: http://www.barrouge.ch/site/page.aspx
Google maps: http://g.co/maps/jkew8
Foursquare: https://de.foursquare.com/v/bar-rouge/4b902842f964a520167933e3



Rheingasse 8
4058 Basel

8 planets, 8 men were born in Noah's Ark, 8 as magic number, 8 cigarettes. 
Feel the atmosphere of a smoky bar and chat with the young wilds from downtown Basel.

Website: http://www.8-bar.eu/ (website in german only)
Google maps: http://g.co/maps/mg6eu
Foursquare: https://de.foursquare.com/v/8bar/4ba544fdf964a52022f438e3


"Les Trois Rois"

Blumenrain 8
4001 Basel

Play the fourth king, relax in front of a crackling fire and drink a cocktail with your friends in the bar of the three kings. "Les Trois Rois" overlooks the Rhine and is one of the oldest city hotels in Europe. 

Website: http://www.lestroisrois.com/Bar-Lobby.149+M52087573ab0.0.html
Google maps: http://g.co/maps/28uzm