Call for Participation


Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) allow the creation of fascinating new types of user interfaces, and are beginning to show significant impact on industry and society. The field is highly interdisciplinary, bringing together signal processing, computer vision, computer graphics, user interfaces, human factors, wearable computing, mobile computing, computer networks, displays, sensors, to name just some of the most impor- tant influences. MR/AR concepts are applicable to a wide range of applications. Since 1998, ISMAR and its forerunner events, IWAR/ISAR and ISMR, have been the premier forums in this vital field.

Science and Technology combines work in computer vision, computer graphics, user interfaces, wearable computing, mobile computing, displays, and sensors. The growing interest in M&AR applications is creating exciting new challenges for research in all of these areas.

Arts, Media and Humanities invites artists, designers, architects, urbanists, and scholars to explore the potential of Mixed and Augmented Reality within their respective fields.

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